What is

Remember the last time you looked in a mirror. Let us guess – it was today. Most of us use a mirror daily, but hardly anyone of us would think of using it for marketing purposes.

What is IMS? Very simply put – a mirror, in which there is an integrated professional display technology allowing 24/7 operation. You can display any advertising message in it. There is no limit for the presented content format. IMS will display a static picture, animation or video, or even a television broadcast.

The mirrors we offer are frameless, but they can also be put in luxurious wooden or metal frames. You can also choose the colour of the mirror surface to be either golden or silver. We will be happy to meet your needs regarding your IMS mirror size as well.

We will make an IMS mirror in your required dimensions up to the maximum size of 160 × 300 cm, or you can choose from our range of standard products in these sizes: 150 × 75 cm, 120 × 65 cm and 80 × 50 cm.

And how do you manage and control the content? Very easily. You can upload the content you want to display in the mirror via USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet (within a local network) or through a web browser (remotely via the Internet)

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